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Small-Balance Commercial Property Loans

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A Small Balance Commercial Property Loan typically refers to a commercial mortgage designed for smaller real estate transactions, usually involving loan amounts under $1 million. These loans are tailored to meet the financing needs of small businesses and investors seeking to acquire, refinance, or improve commercial properties.
Loan Under
$1 Million
Competitive Interest Rates
Up to 80%
Loan Term
Up to 10 years

Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Terms

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Loan Amount
Under $1 million, providing accessible financing for small-scale projects.
Interest Rates
Competitive rates tailored for smaller transactions
Maximum LTV
Upto 80% loan-to-value (LTV). Prudent LTV ratios ensuring a balanced and realistic approach to your property's value.
Flexible amortization schedules, allowing borrowers to choose terms that fit their financial strategy.
Eligible Properties
These loans can be used for a range of property types, including retail, office, mixed-use, multi-family, and light industrial properties.
Eligible Borrower
A singular asset entity, whether for-profit, nonprofit or public borrowers.
We offer full recourse
A frequently used prepayment penalty format is the "10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0" structure. This entails a 10% prepayment penalty in the first year, with a subsequent 1% reduction on each 1-year anniversary, ultimately reaching a 0% prepayment penalty by the 10-year anniversary.
HUD mortgage insurance premium (MIP)
Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) rates are as follows:

1. Market rate properties: 0.70%
2. Affordable properties: 0.35%
3. Broadly affordable or energy-efficient properties: 0.25%

Key Features of Small Balance Commercial Property Loans

Customized Financing
Tailored Solutions: Small Balance Loans are crafted to meet the unique needs of borrowers with projects under $1 million.

Flexible Terms: Enjoy flexibility in loan terms, including amortization schedules and repayment plans.
Diverse Property Types
Versatility: Our Small Balance Loans cover a spectrum of eligible property types, from retail spaces and offices to multifamily dwellings.

Accessibility: Unlock the potential of various commercial real estate ventures with accessible financing.
Competitive Rates
1. Cost-Effective Solutions: Benefit from competitive interest rates that enhance your return on investment.

2. Financial Efficiency: Navigate your projects with cost-effective financing options tailored to your budget.

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Capital Investors Direct funds different commercial properties across the country. Below are few commercial properties we lend hard money for –
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Capital Investors Direct funds different commercial properties across the country. Below are few commercial properties we lend hard money for –

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