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USDA 538 Multifamily Development Loans

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USDA 538 Multifamily Development Loans offer favorable construction loan terms, featuring competitive interest rates and flexible repayment structures.
Loan Term
Up to 40 Years
Competitive Interest Rates
Up to 90%
Debt Service
Coverage Ratio of

USDA 538 Loans Terms

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Loan Term
Loan term of up to 40 years, providing stability and long-term financial planning.
Interest Rates
We offer competitive interest rates for your construction project
Maximum LTV
High loan-to-value ratio, reaching up to 90% for
for-profit enterprises and up to 97% for
not-for-profit enterprises.
Low fixed interest rate with fully amortizing
A loan-to-cost ratio of up to 70%, excluding existing USDA 515 loans, for comprehensive project financing.
Debt Service Coverage Ratio
It offers debt service coverage ratio of 1.15
Davis Bacon
Not subject to Davis-Bacon requirements
Commercial Space
Achieving the most favorable rates often involves
a ten-year call protection period. While more
flexible prepayment terms are an option, they
may influence the interest rate.
This is a non-recourse

Key Features of USDA 538 Multifamily Development Loans

Government Backing
USDA-backed loans provide a level of security and assurance, as they are backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Low Fixed Interest Rate
Enjoy the advantage of a low fixed interest rate, ensuring predictable and manageable monthly payments over the life of the loan.
Combining Financing Sources
The opportunity to combine USDA 538 loans with other financing sources allows for comprehensive funding solutions, enhancing project feasibility.

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Capital Investors Direct provides commercial hard money loan financing options in the following geographic locations of the United States:


200 MSA Tier I & Tier II Cities

Maryland, Texas, Florida, Utah, Colorado etc. We offer CRE Bridge Loan in top cities like Denver, Chicago, Colorado, San Diego etc.

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Capital Investors Direct funds different commercial properties across the country. Below are few commercial properties we lend hard money for –
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Tailor your financing structure to meet the unique needs of your commercial real estate ventures.

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Our streamlined approval process ensures quicker access to funds, enabling you to act swiftly on promising investment opportunities.

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Our team is committed to providing responsive and attentive support throughout the financing journey.

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Benefit from transparent terms and conditions, fostering a collaborative approach between Capital Investors Direct and borrowers.

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