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Designed to empower developers, investors, and organizations involved in multifamily properties, our FHA/HUD 223(f) loans offer a comprehensive and competitive financing solution tailored to your unique needs.
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HUD/FHA 223(f) Loan Terms and Requirements

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Loan Term & Amortization

Up to 35 years (fully amortizing)

Minimum DSCR


Maximum LTV/Purchase Price

Up to 95%

Fixed Rate


Eligible Properties

Existing Section 202 projects

Eligible Borrower

Single asset entity (for profit or nonprofit)

Developer Fee

Up to 15% of the acceptable development cost

Tax & Insurance Escrows

Monthly deposits required


Nonrecourse, subject to HUD Regulatory Agreement

Commercial space

Maximum 25% of net rentable area and maximum 20% of effective gross income; 10% vacancy applied

Required reports

Appraisal, Project Capital Needs Assessment (PCNA) & Phase I Environmental


Negotiable; generally two-year lockout with a 10% to 1% declining prepayment penalty; other prepayment options available


Subject to CID and HUD approval and payment of assumption fee

Good faith deposit

Based on project type and loan size

Expense escrow

Yes – sufficient to cover CID’s expenses and third-party report costs

Origination fee


HUD application fee

Nonrefundable fee of $3 per $1,000 (0.3%) of the mortgage amount due to HUD upon application submission

HUD inspection fee

$30 per unit when repairs are less than $3,000 per unit; if above $3,000 per unit, 1% of the total cost of the repairs

Legal/closing fee

Borrower pays CID’s counsel fee and miscellaneous closing costs

Rehabilitation qualifications

Repairs cannot exceed $15,000 per unit (adjusted for local high-cost factor); repairs/replacements are also limited to one major building component

HUD mortgage insurance premium (MIP)

HUD sets the cost of the FHA insurance; initial MIP is due to HUD at closing, and the MIP is escrowed monthly thereafter

Prepayment of section 202 loan

HUD’s Housing Notice 2013-17 provides guidance for the prepayment approval process

HUD mortgage insurance premium

HUD sets the cost of the FHA insurance; initial MIP is 1% of the loan amount due to HUD at closing. Annual MIP rates:


The Federal Housing Administration (HUD) determines the cost of FHA insurance, with an initial Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) set at 1% of the loan amount payable to HUD at closing. Subsequent annual MIP rates are as follows:
1. Market rate properties: 0.60%
2. Affordable properties: 0.35%
3. Broadly affordable or energy-efficient properties: 0.25%

FHA/HUD 223(f) Refinance Loans & Its Benefits

What is FHA/HUD 223(f) Loan?

FHA/HUD 223(f) loans, provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), are a powerful tool for refinancing and acquiring existing multifamily properties.

With Capital Investors Direct, you gain access to a financing solution backed by the government, providing security and favorable terms for your multifamily ventures.

Why You Need FHA 223(f) Multifamily Refinance Loans

Government Backing

FHA/HUD backing instills confidence and security for both lenders and borrowers.

Reduced Risk

Non-recourse nature of the loan minimizes personal liability, mitigating risk for borrowers.

Promoting Affordable Housing

FHA/HUD 223(f) loans align with the goal of promoting affordable housing, contributing to community development.

Pros of FHA 223(f) Refinance Loans

While FHA 223(f) refinance loans offer numerous advantages, borrowers should carefully consider their specific circumstances, financial goals, and the property's condition before pursuing this financing option.

Attractive Interest Rates

FHA 223(f) loans often come with competitive interest rates, providing borrowers with a cost-effective financing option.

Long-Term Fixed Rates

Borrowers can secure long-term fixed interest rates, offering stability and predictability over an extended period, typically up to 35 years.

High Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratios

FHA 223(f) loans can have higher LTV ratios (up to 85%), allowing borrowers to finance a significant portion of the property's value.

Affordability Focus

FHA 223(f) loans often align with HUD's goal of promoting affordable housing, and borrowers may be incentivized to maintain affordable rental rates for a percentage of units.

Streamlined Refinancing Process

FHA 223(f) streamline refinance process allows borrowers to streamline the refinancing of existing FHA-insured loans, reducing paperwork and approval timelines.

Government Backing

The loans are backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), providing an additional layer of confidence for lenders and borrowers.

Commercial Space Limitations

- Maximum Percentage of Net Rentable Area: The commercial space within the multifamily property should not exceed a certain percentage of the total net rentable area. This is to ensure that the majority of the property is dedicated to residential use.

- Maximum Percentage of Effective Gross Income: The income generated from commercial space within the property should not exceed a certain percentage of the property's effective gross income. This limitation helps maintain the financial viability of the property as a residential space.

- Vacancy Allowance: There may be a limitation on the vacancy rate applied to the commercial space, ensuring that a reasonable percentage of the space is occupied and contributing to the property's overall income.
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Competitive Terms

Benefit from competitive interest rates and loan terms tailored to the specific needs of your project.


High Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratios

Take advantage of higher LTV ratios, providing you with more flexibility in financing your multifamily property.


Fixed Rates

Secure the stability and predictability of long-term fixed interest rates, protecting your investment from market fluctuations.


Experienced Guidance

We are not just a lender; we're your partner in success. Our team of experts is here to guide you through every step of the FHA/HUD 223(f) loan process.

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Capital Investors Direct funds different commercial properties across the country. Below are few commercial properties we lend hard money for –

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