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Stated income is an underwriting component of many commercial real estate mortgages to measure income available to repay the loan. Here the borrower’s income is stated but is NOT verified.
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Stated Income Commercial Loans

It focuses on the commercial property’s value to determine the capability of repaying the mortgage, interest, and insurance of the approved stated income commercial loan. Here your credit score DOES NOT have much significance.
Stated income commercial loans are the perfect fit for borrowers who don’t qualify for traditional loans based on TAX RETURNS or W-2 INCOME. Self-employed individuals can easily qualify for this loan as it requires no income verification, and has a credit score requirement of as low as 650. This stated income commercial loan is ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, realtors, and consultants.
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Stated income commercial loans are the best alternatives for borrowers who are unable to furnish proof of their income source. Capital Investors Direct will secure your stated income commercial loan simply with the following documentation-
Credit score of 650 and above
Bankruptcy(s) outside of 2 years
Copy of driver’s license & social security card
Address history for the last two years?
How long you’ve been staying at your current address?
Whether you currently rent or own?
If renting, current rent paid/month
Employment history last two years
If self-employed, the name of company-owned
Current job title
How long you have held your current job title?
Married or unmarried
How many dependents and their ages?
Hazard insurance DEC page showing annual premium
Current mortgage statement
Purchase agreement (if purchase loan)
Credit authorization

You Need A
Stated Income Commercial Loans

When you don’t have proof of income of at least two years
When you need cash for your business
When your salary is low but you earn a high commission
When you want to buy commercial property
When you want to apply for refinances or cash-out refinances

Projects We Fund

Stated Income Loan Specifications for Commercial Real Estate

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Asset Class:

Multifamily / Mixed-Use / Retail / Office /Commercial Properties


None Required


Interest Only Available/Fixed/ARM

Loan Size:

$150,000 – $5M+

Loan Purpose:

Purchase / Rate / Term & Cash-Out Refinance

We Cover


States & US Territories

Capital Investors Direct provides commercial hard money loan financing options in the following geographic locations of the United States:


200 MSA Tier I & Tier II Cities

Maryland, Texas, Florida, Utah, Colorado etc. We offer CRE Bridge Loan in top cities like Denver, Chicago, Colorado, San Diego etc.

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