CRE Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Questions to Ask Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Well-selected and well-managed commercial property investments provide investors with capital growth and high net yields. However, the wrong property can quickly eradicate even the most robust portfolios and potentially wreak havoc on investors’ finances.

This is why it’s crucial to think about key considerations before putting money into any commercial land or building.

FAQs – Commercial Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loan Definition – A “hard” money loan is called such because it is backed by a tangible property—a “hard” asset that quickly produces enough income to pay off the loan.

It’s an alternative way to get funding without using conventional mortgage lenders like banks or government-regulated financial institutions. Instead, the funds come from private money lenders.

Commercial Real Estate Investment FAQs

FAQs – Commercial Real Estate Investment

Commercial real estate or CRE refers to property used solely for business purposes. CRE’s six categories are office space, retail, industrial, multi-family rentals (apartments with five and more units), land, and miscellaneous.

CRE investments provide rental income and the potential for capital appreciation. Also, refer to the wiki definition for commercial property.

FAQs - Commercial Mortgage Loans

FAQs – Commercial Mortgage Loans

Commercial mortgages are property loans that are uniquely delegated to purchasers of real estate assets considered “commercial.” Unlike residential property loans that are granted to individuals, commercial mortgages are made out to businesses.

This is why, if you want to be a commercial real estate investor, you have to form an s-corporation or a limited liability company. 

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