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Automate Your Earning, INVEST in High Return Commercial Property!

Being a proud property owner is one thing, and generating a steady passive income from it is another. To begin passive earning, you require some initial funding. 

Capital Investors Direct gives you access to investment capital so you can acquire high-return investment properties. 

Commercial investment property loan are quite popular with borrowers because they are processed quickly. Similar to private money and hard money loans, commercial investment property loans can be received in a few days. Apart from the quick timeline, investment property loans are the most practical choice for investors.

Commercial Investment Property Loan Parameters

Asset Class:

Mixed-Use / Retail / Self-Storage Facilities / Shopping Complexes / Student Housing / Mobile Home Parks / Industrial Properties / Condominium Complexes / Office Condos / Hospitality / Restaurants / and Strip Malls

Rates Start at:

6% – 12%


1-3; 5-25


Investor Only No Owner Occupied


Interest only, Recourse & Non-Recourse

Loan Size:

$1,000,000 – $5,000,000

Closing Time:

5-10 days

Commercial Projects We Fund

Capital Investors Direct provides access to investment capital for commercial real estate funding. Here’s a list of properties you can acquire with an commercial investment property loan:

Locations We Cover

Capital Investors Direct provides commercial investment property loan financing options in the following geographic locations of the United States:
– All 50 states and US Territories (Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands)
– Top 200 MSA Tier I & Tier II Cities (population above 50,000, metropolitan areas, etc.)

Our US Locations

Why Choose us

We go above and beyond to add to our list of satisfied customers and ongoing clientele. We believe in a simple theory, listen intently to the specific needs of each customer, and go above and beyond to deliver the best Bridge Financing Solutions. Together we bring years of expertise, market knowledge, and detailed insights about the right commercial property investment options. With a team that champions in their respective areas, we are committed to deliver only the very best.

With personalized service as our agenda. Capital Investors Direct is here to make your life easy.

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How It Works?


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Apply for a commercial property loan in 5 minutes by filling out the form

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We will get back to you within 24 hours with written disclosure of all loan terms

Step 3 - Loan funded

Within days, the money will be credited to your account

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does it take to get a preliminary approval letter?

Once your pre-application has been reviewed and approved you will receive an LOI letter of intent within 48 hours.

What is your DTI Debt to Income ratio maximum?

Each loan transaction scenario is unique and the DTI may vary according to circumstance.

What is the minimum down payment for acquiring a commercial investment property.

For best rates and terms we recommend a 20% to 30% down payment depending on the circumstance. Lower down payment amounts are possible.

Do you provide funding for residential real estate properties?

No. We can facilitate SFR developments comprised of multiple homes for qualified, established, and experienced contractors and developers.

We are shopping around for a loan. May we obtain a hard quote from you?

No! However, we can provide you with a range of conditional terms at most.  The majority of our clients contact us after having entered into a purchase contract.

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