Best Commercial Real Estate Listing Platforms

David Cohn
February 17, 2021
commercial real estate

Are you a commercial real estate (CRE) broker, or perhaps a property investor? Having access to reliable commercial real estate listing platforms can help you find suitable properties to buy or sell.

The good news is that there are more platforms online than ever, making it easier for CRE players to scout for potential assets, close deals, or get a feel for market sentiment.

Commercial real estate listing platforms let brokers show their listings to thousands of potential buyers. And for investors, these platforms allow them to discover opportunities—worthwhile CRE deals that can expand their portfolio and maximize ROI. No matter what your role in the CRE industry, we have some valuable information for you.

Here’s a list of the best and most reliable commercial real estate listings websites online today. We’ve included many different platforms—from those covering all commercial property assets to those that focus on just offices, just land, and so on.



You’ve probably already heard of this commercial real estate search engine; after all, it is one of the biggest out there. LoopNet is visited by over five million unique visitors every month, has over 500,000 properties listed at any given time, and boasts over six billion square feet for lease in its database.

There’s a wide range of commercial property types listed here, from multi-family homes to offices, industrial properties, retail, agricultural, land, and hotel/motel properties. Brokers who want to do well on the site can pay extra for custom web pages, email campaigns, brochures and flyers, and many other tools.

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Reonomy Off-Market Properties


What makes Reonomy different is the fact that it is an “off-market CRE search platform.” But what exactly does that mean?

CRE assets are either on- or off-market. An on-market listing is are actively advertised for sale by the company that owns it by its agent. Most of the listings you will find in CRE platforms on-market.

On the other hand, an off-market property is not actively being advertised or sold—and this type of property makes up a larger percentage of the CRE supply. Brokers do not represent these assets, so they offer more pricing and bargaining flexibility for both sellers and buyers.

As an off-market search platform, Reonomy can give you access to a boatload of commercial, land, and multi-family assets in the US. It lets you filter your search results by asset size, type, debt history, sales history, tenants, tax history, ownership, and many other factors.

What’s more, the platform allows access to the property owners’ contact information, potentially giving investors a head start in negotiations. In theory, you can talk to the owner and make an offer without dealing with competition or brokerage fees.



This online CRE marketplace can show you more than 80,000 commercial properties for sale in the US. It is very popular with brokers who appreciate its suite of tools that make it easier to manage the buy and sell process, starting from listing to closing.

Commercial Brokers Association

Commercial Broker Association

The CBA mists properties from all over the US, though it does seem to have a more local focus on those located in the Pacific Northwest—particularly in eight counties in Oregon and Washington. It has over 4000 broker members and over 1000 member offices. There are about 7500 active listings on the website at any given time, across different commercial property types.


It might surprise you to find that Craigslist has an “office and commercial property” section that undoubtedly worth looking at. It’s an excellent source for finding CRE assets for sale by an owner.


Commercial Cafe

This CRE information services provider lists general commercial properties, industrial spaces, retail spaces, and offices. They also show virtual offices, shared or co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and private offices.

Search Office Space

Are you looking to lease office spaces not just in the US but around the world? Then this is the globally-focused platform to use. It lists over 10,000 offices, conference spaces, virtual properties, shared offices, and light industrial properties in top locations, including London, Hong Kong, Toronto, Sydney, Dubai, New York, Paris, Mexico City, Munich, and more.

Do note that this is not a search engine but more of a broker, so it charges a percentage for successful leases.

While this platform specializes in all kinds of office spaces—from independent to co-working—it also offers retail listings, land parcels, and industrial property listings in major US cities. The listings are searchable by state or city, and many have comprehensive photos and floor plans.

Real Massive

This platform covers almost four billion square feet of retail, industrial, and office space nationwide. The great thing about Real Massive is that it offers CRE professionals critical insights into how the market is doing and their portfolios’ performance. Try the basic access (free) and sign up for a paid account to unlock more features if you like it.

Commercial Investment Multiple Listing Service

Better known as CIMLS, this is a reasonably large CRE listing service with all kinds of properties. It has over 500 billion in available commercial real estate and upwards of 320,000 registered members. It is widely used by brokers who are happy to pay for an upgraded membership to include pictures, documents, and even lead generation tools in their listings.


This platform specializes in listing office spaces is in 12 major cities: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Phoenix, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Charlotte. You can access more than 10,000 listings here. However, prices are not provided—you have to contact the listing party directly.


This easy-to-use platform allows users to search commercial properties by asset type—including offices, co-working, retail, apartments, warehouses, land, and even specialty property assets—with options to lease or buy. Brokers can list their properties for free, though the platform offers different advertising options to build out customized profiles and get featured prominently on the listings.

Instant Offices

This is another broker platform focusing on office spaces located around the world. You’ll find available office spaces, shared offices, light industrial properties, managed office spaces, and other such types. They charge a success fee.

Leavitt Digital

This CRE platform enables owners and brokers to improve their local and global reach. You can list your properties in this one location and let the platform distribute them through local and international news websites.



Whether you’re looking for industrial space, a warehouse, retail space, or an office building to buy, lease, or rent, this platform has it all. Its primary focus is California, but they’re also listings located in other states throughout the US.

What’s excellent about Digsy is that you can use their team to search for properties for you—all for free—so you don’t have to sift through thousands of listings by yourself. They also offer commercial real estate management tools that may help you maximize your time.



Are you diversifying your CRE portfolio to include New York City? 42Floors can help. It focuses on commercial listings, co-working spaces, and subleases in the Big Apple, but it also lists properties throughout the US. Aside from office spaces, it also lists retail, industrial, restaurant, and medical properties.


Owned by CoStar, this platform mainly focuses on NYC but lists properties from other states. Listings include retail, industrial, and office spaces, as well as different kinds of commercial properties.



Often described as the largest marketplace for businesses for sale on the internet, this platform has over 45,000 active listings at any given time—many of them for sale. This includes both franchises and individual locations. There’s a wide range of commercial property categories here, including financial services, education properties, and food and restaurants.

The website even offers broker matching as well as financial solutions for potential investors.


Think of this as a CRE search engine that helps you look for and find spaces matching your budget and your requirements—whether you’re a property investor or a small business looking for office, industrial, or retail real estate assets. The listings focus on Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonio, Austin, and Washington, DC.

There is a 3D virtual tour feature that allows users to see spaces without having to go there. You can check out the commercial properties you’re interested in without leaving the safety and privacy of your office or home—indeed handy during this pandemic. Sign up for free to try its services.



Another popular CRE marketplace, this platform lets buyers, owners, and brokers advertise our list of their commercial properties live. There is a free search feature for visitors. PropertySend covers a wide range of commercial real estate assets, including industrial, retail, office, sports, and entertainment. There are different plans (six in total) for those who want to list here; you can pay for each listing or pay a specific cost per month to list multiple properties.


This high-tech commercial real estate listing portal boasts features that allow users to quickly and efficiently find precisely the asset type they are interested in—whether that’s an office, retail, hotel, multi-family, land, industrial, self-storage, or particular purpose.

mobile home parkstore

Even though mobile home parks are not as popular as other CRE classes, this often-overlooked property type can be extremely profitable. This is the platform to use if you’re interested in investing in this type of asset. It focuses on manufactured home parks and mobile home parks that are actively for sale across the US. Serious independent investors often use this website to see foreclosure listings, REOs, seller financing, sale-by-owner listings, and many more.

Realty Zapp


This multi-feature CRE platform lets users manage their listings, email campaigns, social media marketing, and prospects all in one dashboard. There are three different membership levels. At no cost, you can be an ‘Agent.’ For $25.00 a month, you can be a ‘Power Agent.’ And for $50.00 a month, you can be a ‘Super Agent.’ Signup for a free trial to see how you like the platform before committing to a monthly membership fee.


This CRE listings portal offers free listing and search capabilities for bolts Sellers and brokers. It was primarily designed to assist CRE professionals in marketing their properties without the hassle. There are currently over 250,000 properties in the database, for lease or sale, located worldwide. The search tools can be used at no cost, but paid marketing options come with CRM, prospecting tools, data analysis, and an easy-to-use dashboard from where everything can be managed.

Total Commercial

One of the veteran commercial real estate platforms, Total Commercial, has been around since 1995. It is very affordable for agents and brokers, as it only costs $90.00 a year to list multiple properties here. It is well appreciated for being a full-featured CRE listing service without the exorbitant price tag.

Platforms for Multi-Family Listings

Zillow and Trulia are the leaders in listing commercial-residential crossovers, but they are not the only options.

  • Zillow is an excellent place if you’re looking for multi-family properties that are categorized as ‘commercial.’ It can help investors and brokers look for good residential income properties around the US.
  • Trulia is another platform you can use if you want to sell or buy multi-family and multi-unit commercial properties for sale anywhere in the country. It has an easy-to-navigate and clean interface that you might appreciate.
  • Aside from Zillow and Trulia, you might want to check out What’s great about this website is that it features a searchable “just sold” section to allow buyers, sellers, and brokers to analyze recent sales and get a better feel for the current market trends.
  • Point2Homes is similar to in that it lists multi-family properties for sale everywhere in the US, with different filters to help you search more comfortably.

Platforms for land listings

Are you looking for commercial land in particular? Most of the platforms we have mentioned so far focus on commercial real estate buildings or structures, but there are actually websites that focus exclusively on land. Here are some of them:

  • Land and Farm – This is the platform to use if you are searching for farmland, commercial properties with land attached, ranches, and other such property types. It represents over 10,000,000 acres. The properties are organized by state.
  • LandSearch – LandSearch is a commercial real estate platform to use if you are interested in recreational and commercial agricultural land. Like Land and Farm, it has over 10,000,000 acres in listings and properties in the hundreds of thousands. No wonder it is considered the biggest in the industry.

What’s excellent about LandSearch is that it features an easy-to-use map-driven interface. You can use the types, filters, and tags to narrow your search results. It is free for sellers and brokers to create professional profiles and post the land for sale, lease, or auction.

  • LandWatch – This platform boasts over a million listings across the United States. Try it if you’re looking for farms and ranches, hunting land, homesites, and other types of land that are actively for sale.
  • Lands of America – Also owned by CoStar, this platform specializes in listing ranches, farms, acreages, and other related property types across the country.

Finding the right platform to use

Now that you’ve seen a list of the most popular commercial real estate listing platforms, you might think: There are too many of them. Which platform should I start with?

That really depends on your needs—particularly what kind of commercial real estate assets you’re looking for. Whatever your requirements, there indeed is a CRE search engine or listing service that can meet them.

It’s best to sign up for a free trial, so you can use the features of the website and see whether they suit you. Don’t sign up for a monthly membership right away; try several platforms for free and compare them. By trying out different listing websites, you’ll also get a better idea of what you need and prefer.

We hope that the list provided above helps you choose the best fit based on your budget and requirements. With this information, it’s easier to take the next steps to find your new CRE project or a prospective buyer.

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